Hi! I wanted to share with you a short story of how Pretty Organised came to be.

I’m someone who loves keeping my space clean and clutter free however, when it comes to my make up space I’ve always found it really hard to keep it organized.

I'm sure many of you know the struggle with keeping your makeup table clean, especially when you are trying to get ready. It’s been my goal to try and find an easy solution to keeping my makeup table organised without having to clean it constantly.

And this is how Pretty Organised was born.

Our vision is to help everyday girls to become and stay organised with little effort through the quality and the design of our makeup organisers. We've designed our products with 2 specific goals:

  • Design each product with a purpose so you can find exactly what you look for every time. 
  • Design them with the highest quality materials so that it would be easy to organise and would look beautiful no matter what you need to store.

Our products are handmade and are made to be used anywhere you wish, not just on your vanity. For example they can even be used in your bathroom. 

We hope you find the products as beautiful as we do and most importantly we hope they help you become Pretty Organised.

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